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Alexa35 19mm production set

Rental includes:

  • Camera body with bottom, top, and side panels

  • Top handle

  • EVF

  • Dovetail plate

  • 3x 2tb Codex drives

  • Codex card reader

  • LPL to PL mount adapter (lives on camera)

  • AC camera power

  • Arri power extension module

  • Arri audio extension module

  • Core SWX direct connect gold mount plate (lives on camera)

  • 4x Core SWX Helix max 147wh gold mount dual voltage batteries or 4x Core Helix max 367wh gold mount dual voltage batteries

  • Core SWX mach4 4-bay gold mount dual voltage battery charger

Rental price: $1,500/day 

1 day weekend

3 day week

Rented through Horizon Cine Glass.

Contact me or James at Horizon for rentals.

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