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Regan Mae Music

Beau Soir

Regan Mae Farney is a twenty year old enthusiastic violinist based in St. Louis, MO. From large ensembles to solo performances to weddings & special events, she has all around performing experience.

Regan not only loves to perform, but has a passion for teaching music. Through her exuberant performances and joyful personality, she hopes to infect others with the desire to pick up an instrument & and keep at it!

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Regan Farney

Song: Beau Soir - Debussy

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 Special thanks to the crew:

Director/DP: Rickie Ross

1st AC: Graham Bachman

Key Grip: Matthew F.

Gaffer/BTS: Stephen Littman

Audio Engineer: Guy Shaw

PA/BTS: John B.

PA/BTS: Stephen B.

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