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Tony + Jerica

Tony & Jerica met in middle school, but it would not be until late in their high school career that they became friends. In the spring of Tony's senior year, he began driving Jerica and her sister to and from school. Once summer hit, they became inseperable. One night Tony's had friend Chris asked him why it was taking so long for him to ask Jerica out. Tony replied, "man, give me 10 years and I'll be married to that girl."

They dated throughout college, first apartments and first jobs. Six years and two weeks after their first kiss (also the day they officially went steady), Tony asked Jerica to marry him.


Music: Begin Again by Stanley Gurvich and Somewhere Out There by Caleb Etheridge from

Photographer: North of Authentic

Ceremony: St. Ambrose Catholic Church

Reception: La Perla St. Louis

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